Productivity means Profits

Productivity in construction is poor – and has not improved in recent years. An ageing workforce and failure to attract a younger generation into the industry is not helping – quite the opposite.

Current political enthusiasm for offsite modular and prefabricated systems is helping to alleviate the pressure to provide more homes. However, this does nothing to address productivity of the workforce on site, or the need to raise standards to meet imminent changes to Building Regulations.

ICF construction is an MMC that is focused on raising productivity and building performance on-site where it really needs to happen.

Components interlock together precisely without jointing materials and are simply cut to size with a handsaw. Easy, quick and practical for any groundworker, brickie, chippie, plasterer or apprentice. In-house capability increases at minimal cost, with a building method that raises performance standards clear of the competition – and the Regulations. Conditions of Health & Safety are also improved given the light weight of the materials and reduced need for equipment on site.

The Wallform equation:

£(More productivity) – £(existing resources) = £(more profit) + (performance bonus)

For a Wallform solution, you can contact us now with your plans. Take a venture, there’s lots to gain.

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