The Wallform 375 systemThe BecoWallform Insulated Concrete Formwork system has a range of features designed to maximise performance whilst simplifying the building process

1. The numerical code assigned to each Wallform system (for example Wallform 375) indicates the overall width of the wallblock in millimetres. The wider the wallblock, the lower the U-value. Standard wallblock widths are 250mm, 313mm, 375mm and 438mm.

2. The tongues on the top and grooves on the bottom of components are arranged to interlink and cross interlink in a modular grid of 62.5mm.

3. The tongues and grooves have a positive interlock so that the elements cannot be carried away by a gust of wind.

4. The normal hollow core of the components is 140mm, calculated to optimise economy of design and building processes. Thicker concrete cores are available in increments of 62.5mm for more demanding structural design.

5. All faces have grooves 2.5mm deep and 17.5mm wide in a pattern repeated every 62.5mm to eliminate thermal bridging. These grooves have a dovetail profile to provide a mechanical key for the application of plaster.

6. Location detail for horizontal reinforcement.

7. End pieces are inserted above and below the bridges to make a closure when forming corners, reveals and wall ends.

8. The bridges are tapered at the top and bottom to avoid trapping air during concreting.

9. Steel bridges may replace the integral insulation bridge for particular performance specifications.

10. The firewall endpiece is used to form the closure where this does not coincide with the bridge or where the system specifies steel bridges.


The Wallform Building Process is Quick and Easy

Another key feature of the BecoWallform system is the simplicity of the building process…

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