Technical Data for the BecoWallform Systems

System / Width (mm)250 (Firewall)313375438
Thermal insulation U-Value0.30 W/m²K0.18 W/m²K0.14 W/m²K0.11 W/m²K
Quantity of concrete / m²0.140 m³0.122 m³0.122 m³0.122 m³
Weight per unit2.10 kg1.40 kg2.13 kg2.65 kg
Weight per m² unit6.72 kg5.17 kg6.82 kg8.00 kg
Weight of wall per m² with dense concrete fill343 kg297 kg299 kg300 kg
Weight of wall per m² with dense concrete infill, both sides plastered378 kg332 kg334 kg335 kg
Wall surface temperature
with internal room temperature at +20 °C
- outside temperature -10 °C18.7 °C19.3 °C19.5 °C19.6 °C
- outside temperature -15 °C18.5 °C19.1 °C19.4 °C19.5 °C
- outside temperature +60 °C21.8 °C21.0 °C20.7 °C20.6 °C
Fire performance: (DIN 4102)F90 - ABF30 - ABF30 - ABF30 - AB
Dewpoint Analysis
- theoretical max. condensation during winter105 g/m²43 g/m²32 g/m²23 g/m²
- recorded figures0 g/m²0 g/m²0 g/m²0 g/m²
- drying out in summer279 g/m²274 g/m²249 g/m²225 g/m²
CO2 Analysis
based on heat loss / m² of wall per annum, using oil central heating
8.9 kg5.1 kg3.8 kg3.0 kg
Sound reduction:
both wall sides plastered
- calculated~41 dB~42 dB~42 dB~42 dB
- measured~43 dB~44 dB~44 dB~44 dB

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