Wallform Alignment and Prop Support frames supporting Wallform ICF system

The Beco Alignment and Prop Support system in position ready for scaffolding boards and a storey high concrete pour

BecoWallform is sufficiently stable to allow for concrete placement up to 1 metre high per day without additional support.

However, for concrete pours up to 3 metres high per day, propping of the Wallform system is required to ensure stability and to prevent the formwork from moving whilst concrete is being placed, and as it cures.

This is where our Alignment and Prop Support system comes into action.  The main components are Frames and Walings.


Beco Frame diagramThe frames are made of aluminium and are lightweight enough to be lifted into place by hand. Large red plastic screws are inserted through the tall uprights of each frame, and screwed by hand into the Wallform blocks behind. Thus the formwork is held against the frame, meaning support is only necessary on one side of the wall, usually the structure’s interior side. Four plastic screws per frame is sufficient to securely anchor it to the formwork.

The foot of the frame on the outer leg is adjustable in height, allowing the angle of frame to be adjusted if necessary to ensure the frame and Wallform system is standing true. Both feet of the frame are screwed to the floor for added stability.

The horizontal crossbars of each frame can carry two to three scaffolding boards side-by-side, creating a continuous access platform to stand on when it comes to building the final Wallform courses at high level and the concrete pour.

The number of frames required for a project is normally calculated based on spacing them at 1.2m centres along the internal face of the Wallform structure.

Once the concrete has been placed, the frames remain screwed to the formwork until the concrete core has cast and there is no further risk of movement.


Walings are aluminium box sections similar to the tall uprights of the frames. They come in two lengths, 1.50 and 3.00 metres, and can be screwed to the Wallform system using the same red plastic screws. They can be fixed in any orientation and in any position where additional support to Wallform is needed.

Common usages include supporting slender columns and extra-wide openings.

Six plastic screws will securely anchor the 3.00m long waling in position, with 3 screws for the 1.50m length.
A 3.00m and 1.50m long waling

Beco Equipment Hire Proposals

We can provide our Alignment and Prop Support system on a weekly rental basis, and will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you, taking into account how high you intend to concrete at each stage of your project. For more information and an equipment hire proposal for your project please contact our technical team on 01652 653 844.


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