Passivhaus and Zero Energy Homes are designed to maintain a comfortable operating temperature the whole year round, and that’s without the need for a traditional “active” heating or cooling system.

Any energy that is required to control the internal environment of a Passivhaus must either be so low as to be negligible (< 15 kWh/m2yr), or otherwise generated by the building itself.Passivhaus in Scotland built using Wallform ICF 438

The trend is increasingly for Passivhaus performance levels to be incorporated into UK Regulations, and BecoWallform is one such construction system that already meets these higher new standards. Both the Wallform 375 and 438 systems have been awarded Certified Component status by the German Passive House Institute, having been specifically designed with this type of construction in mind.

Without claiming to be complete, key considerations of Passivhaus and Zero Energy construction include:-

  • Optimum thermal insulation (U-value of external walls < 0.15 W/m2K)
  • Avoidance of thermal bridging
  • Air-tightness of the building
  • Controlled ventilation with heat recovery
  • Use of passive solar energy and thermal mass
  • Location and orientation of the building to optimise use of natural resources
  • Ensuring workmanship is to a high standard to achieve full specification performance

Specifying BecoWallform helps meet the requirements of insulation, thermal bridging avoidance and air-tightness without adding complication to the design and construction process. Wallform utilises components that are simple and practical to use, thus helping ensure workmanship on site meets the necessary standard required to deliver a Passivhaus / Zero Energy project.

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We are proud to be a member of the Passivhaus Trust, their website contains further useful information.

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