BecoWallform – Insulated Concrete Formwork

BecoWallform is an innovative, fast, and cost-effective building system that promotes environmental sustainability and Fabric First design principles.

This monolithic, insulated concrete formwork (ICF) system delivers rapid construction while surpassing the performance metrics of conventional building methods. Constructed from large, interlocking hollow polystyrene blocks, BecoWallform eliminates the need for intermediate bedding materials, streamlining the construction process. Concrete poured into the formwork sets to create a robust structure, with the formwork itself serving as long-lasting thermal insulation, achieving impressive U-values as low as 0.11 W/m²K making it the ideal choice for zero energy and passivhaus buildings.

Wallform represents a sustainable approach to construction, aligning with modern methods of construction (MMC) by utilising materials engineered for longevity and recyclability, ensuring ongoing environmental responsibility.

Discover BecoWallform – Simplified Building for a Sustainable Future