A Self Build Designed for Comfort

A Self Build Designed for Comfort

Hersnmine was built during 2018-2019. It was constructed using Wallform 375 and 438, making the shell technically to passivhaus standard even though full passivhaus performance was not part of the design brief.

The internal living accommodation is arranged ‘upside down’ by conventional standards, with bedrooms downstairs and living rooms, including kitchen, upstairs. Solid concrete floors were therefore specified to reduce sound transmission from the upper rooms so as not to disturb anybody that might be having an early night, or a Sunday morning lie-in!

The external timber cladding is supported on insulation screws plugged into the Wallform outer polystyrene panels, whilst the stone cladding is built over wall ties fixed back to the Wallform concrete core.

Inside the property boasts a ‘floating’ feature staircase, the mounting plate for which was set into a recess cut into the Wallform internal panel, allowing it to interface directly with the concrete core. Timber casings and a glass balustrade complete the design.

Outside, an external south facing first floor terrace can be accessed from the house or via precast concrete garden stairs. The extensive glazing to the south elevation also allows lots of solar gain to be absorbed by the Wallform structure and concrete floors during the day, keeping the building warmer and more comfortable at night as temperatures fall away.

Wallform Alignment and Prop Support frames supporting Wallform ICF system

Floating stairs being installed

Floating stairs completed

External cladding going on

Garden view of finished self build

Garden stairs to south elevation terrace

The first floor level accommodation of dining room and kitchen

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