RIBA Stirling Prize 2019

The winner of the RIBA Stirling Prize 2019 is Goldsmith Street, an exemplary project bringing the reduced energy consumption associated with Passivhaus to mass housing.

A timely testament to the intentions of ArchitectsDeclare, this large scale Passivhaus project for Norwich Council is a clear challenge to the industry and a contemporary example of how to raise living standards and adapt for the future environment.

As clients become more aware of the need to counter Climate Change (7.6 million joined the Global Climate Strike on 27 September!), they are recognising that the built environment has a lot to answer for. But there are solutions. There are costs as well but the differentials diminish with economies of scale and product development – just take the cost of solar panels and wind power as particularly relevant examples.

The construction industry now needs to grasp its nettle of blinkered inertia and seize the opportunity to build homes fit for the future. The customer accepts the need for change and if the industry doesn’t respond it will be faced with another half-hearted and compromised set of Building Regulations.

Just making the effort to get the building fabric right for the future would eliminate Fuel Poverty.

Fabric First reduces energy demand and improves the potential for domestic self-sufficiency. Given the current pace of development in the energy market, this would resolve many problems.

This really is an opportunity to raise standards and prosper as we adapt to the pressures of Climate Change.

Demand is growing. We have the technology. We must respond.

BecoWallform (aka isorast) has been certified for Passivhaus construction since 1995 – the first building system to achieve the standard. A proven track record of performance for the standards we need for today – and tomorrow! Sustainable construction for productivity on site and performance in service.

This is no leap in faith – it’s a positive step forward. Stride out with BecoWallform.

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