Feature Self Build – Wallform Shell Complete

Feature Self Build – Wallform Shell Complete

It’s taken a little over 8 weeks for this self-build project to go from foundation excavations to Wallform shell complete. It’s now ready for roofing and glazing. That’s a very good outcome, considering the site isn’t level but has a slight fall from north to south, combined with the logistics of having solid concrete floor systems at ground and first floor level.

Not only that, but the Wallform has been constructed hands-on by a self-builder, doing much of the work around running a business that is completely unconnected to construction. 

All in all, an excellent result.

You can see from these construction photos the Wallform continuing off the first floor beam and block concrete floor. The insulation remains continuous up the outer wall face, ensuring no cold bridges are formed at the floor edge. The grey ‘packing piece’ strip on the inside face is used to close any difference in height between the top of the floor and the outer Wallform panel. The bottom of the packing piece can also be trimmed to height if necessary, though that wasn’t the case here.

Beam and block floor on Wallform ICF

Wallform ICF gable ends under construction

Wallform ICF gable end completeThe gable ends photographed mid-construction show how the Wallform system can be cut on-site to suit any angle necessary for the roof design. In most cases gable ends are concreted without the need for temporary ‘end-capping’ as the angle of the roof pitch is usually less than the slump of the concrete.

Hopefully you’ve found this series of posts interesting, do let us know any comments or questions below. Once the house is complete we hope to run a feature on it to show the finished home.

In the meantime, you can also find out more about this project on the Architect’s website, Western Design Architects.

Wallform 375 structure complete with rafters on and stone skin

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