Time for some Solid, Reliable News

Time for some Solid, Reliable News

Above: A recent Wallform development of 18 Zero-Carbon homes in Lincolnshire

With ongoing questions about the gap between building design and performance in service, the history of Wallform ICF is reassuringly solid. For nearly fifty years the insulation system that keeps the concrete in place during construction has then kept the energy in place when the building is occupied. A classic case of mutual assurance.

Today, as pressure increases to counter Climate Change, the Wallform system identifies as a local solution to a global problem. With Passivhaus performance and extremely long life expectancy (just think Roman!), this robust building fabric may be re-used over the generations. Reliable Passivhaus Performance needs a solid specification.

Recognised as an A+ construction in the Green Guide, the environmental profile of BecoWallform is improving further as a result of the current drive to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete. While worldwide CO2 emissions from cement are set to reduce from c.7%, UK emissions are already down to c.4%, with cement substitutes and improved manufacturing processes now resulting in a range of low, neutral and zero carbon concretes appearing in the market.

Local manufacture reduces dependence on imported building materials and further improves the environmental profile of this most common of building materials. Simplifying the method of building improves the reliability and quality of the finished building. Using the building fabric to store energy and control living conditions reduces lifetime costs.

Solid, reliable specifications are just what’s needed to secure the future of building performance. We have the technology!

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