Here are a selection of downloads which we hope you will find useful. Please let us know if what you are looking for is not listed below.

BecoWallform Technical Brochure Front Page
BecoWallform Technical Brochure (8 pages/823KB)
This brochure includes a brief introduction to the Wallform system along with a visual guide to the building process. Also included is a table of Wallform technical data such as U-values and fire performances.

Case Study – Best Masonry Home Award Winner
(2 pages/337KB)
Case Study of our recent Build It Awards Winner in the Best Masonry Home category. This stunning home combines a large barn dwelling, with a smaller rendered cottage and impressive glazed centrepiece.

Case Study – Affordable Homes Award Winner
(2 pages/579KB)
Case Study of another Build It Awards Winner in the Affordable Home category. The architect of this stunning home, Nigel Johnston, used the restricted site to create amazing features.

Case Study – Building Schools
(2 pages/237KB)
A case study highlighting the sustainable construction of school buildings. The BecoWallform system ensures a strong and durable structure for all designs and sizes of school buildings, and provides a comfortable environment for its learners.

Case Study – Twentieth Avenue, Blyth
(2 pages/221KB)
The developer of this social housing project chose BecoWallform as a high performance building fabric which would minimise energy losses and maintain reliable performance levels. The new low energy homes were designed to easily achieve Code Level 3 for the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH).

Case Study – Rosemary Gardens, Golding Homes
(2 pages/433KB)
A development of 18 affordable homes to CSH Level 3, designed as a mutually secure community for older people. The site is arranged in a courtyard formation with communal areas, raised planting beds and other features designed to encourage good neighbourhood relations.

Case Study – Sharrow Road School (2 pages/211KB)
Class winner in RIBA’s Yorkshire White Rose Awards 2008 was Sharrow Road School in Sheffield, where the active interest of the staff and pupils also earned them the title of “Yorkshire Client of the Year”.

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