Feature Self Build – Precast Concrete Floor

Feature Self Build – Precast Concrete Floor

As can be seen from this latest photo of our on-going ‘In Construction’ self-build, the precast beam and block ground floor system has now been successfully installed. Unfortunately, the windy weather put paid to the drone being able to capture any aerial shots, but hopefully we’ll see some more overhead photos once the weather settles down again.

Work has now begun on the next phase, the Wallform ground floor structure. The Wallform 375 system can be seen sat on top of a DPC membrane as an alternative to using waterproof concrete.

Due to the stormy weather of late, our propping system is being fitted as work progresses to ensure the formwork cannot move should the winds pick up again. The blockwork on the scaffolding boards across the frames is helping keep everything weighted down until the frames are fixed to the floor. Not sure what’s in the water jug, but good to see hydration is also being looked after!

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