Feature Self Build – Ground Floor Walls

Feature Self Build – Ground Floor Walls

The latest update from site on our featured self-build project is that all Wallform walls are complete to underside of first floor level.

In this photo scaffolding boards are beginning to be placed across the tops of our propping frames. This will create a continuous access platform around the internal face of the Wallform structure, giving the builder easy access to the top of the wall when he comes to place the concrete.

The pour itself will see the entire ground floor storey being filled with concrete over the course of a single day. Once the concrete has been placed for a minimum of 3 days, the first-floor system can then be installed.

A fairly common question we get asked is, when filling with concrete, how do you prevent it coming out at the sides of window and door openings?

Visible in the photo above are several completed openings. As can be seen, the Wallform has been closed off at the window and door reveals. This is done simply by inserting a Wallform closer piece into the ends of each wallblock adjacent to the reveal. Thus, the formwork remains continuous around the opening, and therefore so does the insulation, eliminating cold bridges. The hydrophobic nature of Wallform also ensures damp cannot track across the wall at the reveals.

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