Feature Self Build – Wallform Substructure In

Feature Self Build – Wallform Substructure In

With the foundation trenches excavated and concreted, this week the Wallform substructure walls have been built to ground floor level, and concreted!

BecoWallform ICF with outer blockwork skinThe first Wallform courses were laid directly on top of the trenchfill foundations, starting at the corners and building inwards towards the middle of each wall. The final infilling wallblock is then cut to length, using the cutting guides marked on the sides of each block. Any off-cut piece can still be used elsewhere to minimise waste.

The blockwork wall that can be seen on the outside of the Wallform structure will support the stone skin of the main house wing. The side wing is going to be timber clad, so a brick plinth will extend up and terminate where the timber cladding begins.

The first concrete pour into the Wallform system has been brought up to level where the underside of the ground floor system will be, which in this case is going to be beam and block. We will see the floor installation in our next update.

BecoWallform ICF substructure concreted and floor beams delivered and stacked up

The Wallform system concreted to underside of ground floor level

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19 August 2020 Update – a drone is due to photograph the ground floor beam and block installation next week, weather permitting of course.

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