Pool and Pool House in Cheshire

Pool and Pool House in Cheshire

Currently under construction in Cheshire is this pool and pool house project.

Extending off the rear of an existing property, the project is being built using a combination of Wallform systems in order to achieve the optimum performance relative to cost.

Pool House footings

Standing on a reinforced structural raft, the retaining walls that form the substructure of the pool house are being built utilising the Wallform 313-200 system.

Wallform 313-200 has a wider concrete core than the standard system and is specifically designed for use in basement and retaining wall applications.

The extra wide concrete core not only adds strength and greater access for placing steel reinforcement, it also makes use of waterproof concrete as a tanking system to protect against moisture ingress.

Pool House blocks delivery

Elsewhere, internal pool walls are being formed using Wallform 250. Our narrowest Wallform system, the 250 Wallblocks will provide all the insulation that these internal walls can make use of without taking up unnecessary floor space.

Pool House concrete pumping 1Pool House concrete pumping 2

As the extension cannot be accessed other than by a narrow driveway at the side of the existing property, the concrete is being pumped over the existing house by highly experienced Reilly Pumps.

Pool House constructionJumping straight in at the deep end (no pun intended!), main contractor J & K Construction decided to cast the ground floor metal-deck flooring at the same time as concreting the Wallform shell.

Within just over half a day, four loads of concrete had been successfully placed into the Wallform system and onto the metal-deck flooring, forming a waterproof, monolithic concrete ‘box’ structure for the pool and substructure ready to carry the shell above.

With the sub-structure completed, construction is currently underway of the Pool House walls.

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