Traditionally-styled Sustainable Home, Lincolnshire

Traditionally-styled Sustainable Home, Lincolnshire

Traditional Styling

This new self build in Lincolnshire, recently completed, features a large 4-bed home built using Wallform 375 and Wallform 250. However, the traditional appearance is only skin deep, as beneath the exterior render finish lies a modern structure designed to be highly energy efficient and extremely comfortable.

High Levels of Performance

The new home is complemented by low ‘E’ triple glazing, and high levels of roof insulation to give near-passivhaus levels of performance.  The inclusion of solid concrete floors at ground and first floor level add thermal mass to the property.  When combined with the Wallform concrete core and internal blockwork partitions, the entire structure acts like a well-insulated heat store, keeping the building warmer in winter but cooler in summer.

A traditional brick clad chimney adorns one end of the building, although this is really more for visual interest rather than being a necessary source of heat input!

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Wallform Structure

This sustainable home also has a couple of larger openings to the rear for bi-fold doors. These are easy to accommodate with Wallform, as the concrete core is simply reinforced in proportion to the span of the opening and any loadings above it.

P1020126The Wallform lintel block across the top of each opening is moulded with rebar spacers inside into which steel bars can be sat prior to concreting.

Ventilation is provided via a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system.  This will extract air from high humidity zones such as the kitchen and bathrooms, whilst delivering fresh air into the rest of home.

The lintel wallblocks also ensure no cold bridges form at the window head, further enhancing the energy efficiency of the structure.

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DESIGN: David Todd Architecture

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