Low energy performance – Shetland

Low energy performance – Shetland

Low energy performance on a very exposed site is a demanding specification but this is what self-builder John Tulloch has achieved in the construction of his family home on the Shetland Isles.

It is an individual, modern design for a family home on a site with panoramic views, and has taken almost eight years to reach completion.  John Tulloch undertook the project following his marriage to Heather and has built their home progressively whilst also managing his own business and raising their family.

Construction of the house and garage uses the Wallform 313 system with a concrete ground floor and SIPS panels for the roof.  Underfloor heating is installed as the primary heating system and controls are linked to an external weather monitoring system.

Another innovative feature of the design was the use of steel fibres in the ready-mixed concrete to give additional strength in the concrete core.  The fibre-reinforced concrete provides a stronger structure to cope with the very high wind loadings anticipated for this exposed site location without the need for wind posts or supplementary structural supports which could interfere with the architectural design.

Build It Winner 2012 - Best Use of ICFJohn says “Our home has been praised by our many visitors, who often comment that it should be on television or entered into a competition!” Which it was… and it won!  

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DESIGN: Redman Sutherland Architects

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