Skills Shortage

Skills Shortage

All across the UK there are reports highlighting the skills shortage within the construction industry.

The most recent research, by Scape Group, indicates that within the Midlands area the shortage has reached ‘breaking point’. The Group’s Sustainability in the Supply Chain report revealed that 85% of public sector contractors across the region said that the shortage of skilled workers is negatively impacting on the quality of projects.

Scape Group chief executive Mark Robinson said “the skills shortage is at breaking point, not only severely impacting the quality of what we are building but also our ability to build it on budget”.

The construction industry appears to be unable to respond to market demand. In a report by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), the skills shortage in construction was described as ‘critical’. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) estimates that more than 36,000 new workers a year will be needed to cover current demand.

Building with BecoWallform, however, does not rely on traditional skills to produce modern performance. The existing skills of groundworkers, general operatives and self-builders can be easily tuned towards Wallform construction given the relative simplicity of the system and on-site training.

Similarly, apprenticeship schemes offer a shorter lead time to achieve results on site.

BecoWallform may not solve all the problems brought about by the skills shortage but is certainly a practical option to improve levels of productivity and raise levels of building performance.

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