Showcase Results

Semi detached Wallform ICF houses with picture insert of Robin Miller, MD of BecoWallform and three housing officials

Following completion of the Fife Housing Innovation Showcase in May 2012, the performance of the 28 dwellings constructed using 10 different building techniques has been monitored for energy performance and levels of occupant satisfaction.

It is now approaching two years since the opening Exhibition Showcase and the principal partner of the event, Kingdom Housing Association, is poised to publish the Monitoring and Evaluation Report of the results produced by the broad range of building methods and renewable energy systems.

ICF gable end being concreted

BecoWallform the selected building method used for Block 10 of the project, a pair of semi-detached General Needs dwellings constructed by local housebuilder Bobin Developments. The Wallform 313 system was used throughout the construction, including party walls and a section of retaining wall and waterproofing incorporated as part of the house structure, which was required due to the sloping nature of the site.

It is hoped that the monitoring programme will be maintained over a longer period to gauge the longer term performance and maintenance requirements of the different constructions.With a life expectancy of at least 60 years, the initial two year assessment is barely a “running in” period and it is not often that projects such as the Fife Housing Innovation Showcase provide access to available data over a more significant period of time.

DESIGN: Peter Riddoch Architect
CLIENT: Kingdom Housing Association

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