Eriskay – low energy construction

An attractive bungalow with white render and wooden inset cladding

Low energy construction on Eriskay using the Wallform 375 system has produced a comfortable new home which, in conjunction with the installed heat recovery system, is costing very little to heat.

The Wallform structure was completed in just a week using the local resources of Touchwood Design and Build who completed the project and achieved a result of 1.6 for the air tightness test – testament to the quality of workmanship as well as materials!

The Wallform shell under constructionThe Wallform ICF shell complete with roof going on

Since occupation the heating has been little used and the indoor temperature has yet to drop below 19°C.  The Villavent heat recovery system filters incoming fresh air and removes humidity to maintain a comfortable living environment.

Client comment: “..the house is fresh, quiet and warm.”

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