Custom and Self Build Survey on the Right to Build

custom and self build surveyCould you spare 5-10 minutes to complete a Custom and Self Build Survey?

The Survey is put forward by the National Custom and Self Build Association, who are the voice of the custom and self build sector.

Michael Holmes, chair of NaCSBA, states, “It’s so important for our industry to gather reaction from the general public so that we can feed this back into Government on what we like and what we would hope to see changed to make new legislation as effective and supportive for all those keen on building an individual home.”

There is currently a Private Members Bill before the House of Commons which, if approved, would provide valuable assistance to the custom/self builder. Read the Right to Build Summit Review here.

The Government is conducting a consultation exercise on the full Right to Build legislation which closes on 18th December – have your say and COMPLETE THE SURVEY.


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2 thoughts on “Custom and Self Build Survey on the Right to Build

  1. Raymond Walsh

    We have an interest in Self Build and Passive House Construction using Beco Blocks Construction.
    Local Planning relates to the plot of land. Not the people, so it’s in our interest to go Eco as it seems, nothing else will be approved.

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