Courting Success – Squash Court Extension Project

Here are some early progress photos of a new Squash Court extension currently underway in Leicestershire using the BecoWallform 313 system.

squash court extension first coursessquash court extension concrete pump

The tall structure has very few internal walls or floors, part of the reason the Architect and Engineer chose BecoWallform to build the Squash Court’s shell.  Thanks to the ease with which Wallform can be reinforced at key structural positions, this ICF system is able to deliver a structure with all the necessary strength requirements without complicating the build process.

Not only that, the Wallform structure will help minimise heating and cooling requirements for the entire lifetime of the building, ‘squashing’ down those energy bills you might say!

Courting Success – Squash Court Extension Project was last modified: July 30th, 2015 by Beco