Cold Comfort – even at minus 24 degrees!

Cold Comfort – even at minus 24 degrees!

Fresh feedback from Beco customer Anthony Hadley, living in a low energy Wallform home in the Scottish Highlands:-

“I thought I would bring you up to date on the performance of our super-insulated home up here.

We have had snow since December and the temperature has been as low as -24°C. In fact, until the last few days it has barely risen above freezing at all during the last three months!

Even on the coldest of days, solar gain alone has raised the internal temperature during the daytime and we have only had to light the wood burner for a couple of hours in the evening.

Once again it looks as though we are on track for a heating need of just 1 tonne of wood logs for the year – for a spacious house of 280 sq.m. and with the winter we have experienced, we are more than happy!”

As for fuel poverty – as a pensioner living in this house, the winter fuel allowance plus the cold weather payments would be more than enough to pay the heating bills for the whole year, without the need for expensive renewables.

A simple solution to eliminate FUEL POVERTY.

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