Building Pressure

Wallform ICF being built by two contractors

Whichever way you look at it, pressure is growing on the UK building industry.

But not only to produce more houses, they need to be better performing houses, with improvements which will help to combat Climate Change.  Sir David Attenborough did a good job of explaining to the politicians how serious the Climate scenario is becoming, but they will probably take forever to decide how to revise the Building Regulations to achieve a more stable environment.  Proposing that all new houses must have electric car charging points is all very well, but if it still costs more to heat and cool the home it seems rather a futile gesture.

Many builders just build to minimum standards, but clients are becoming much more aware of the benefits of higher performance.  There is a growing demand for Passivhaus levels of insulation and renewable heat pumps.  Not only that, but the younger generation is demanding we must act to protect their future.  The Climate protesters are starting to target the construction industry to do more to protect and restore the environment.

So, while we wait for more trees to grow, we can build more, build it more quickly with resources we already have, and build it to a higher standard.  This is where BecoWallform really scores – it fits the bill.  Manufactured in the UK, it is quick to build – even to Passivhaus standard – using the same workforce, and co-ordinates easily with other systems and services.  It’s cost competitive and, when the new Building Regulations do eventually appear, it will really hit the sweet spot!

Why wait for the inevitable?  Building better now will cheer everyone up and do the next generation a big favour.  This is a Climate for Change!

Building Pressure was last modified: June 26th, 2020 by Robin Miller