Architects Declare – It’s a Challenge

Architects Declare – It’s a Challenge

The success of the “Architects Declare” campaign to date is to highlight to the profession the urgent need for action if we are to mitigate Climate Change in the projected timescale. This applies whether or not a practice signed up, as many did not on the grounds that the challenge is too great – recognition of the dire state we are in.

The key action now is for Architects to move on this initiative and take the lead on raising specifications to create a Sustainable environment in which we can all survive. There is widespread support for radical action regardless of Westminster inertia (as ever!). With local authorities declaring Climate Emergency and the community at large recognising the need for change, the case for improving building performance is much easier to present. In a report just released, the International Energy Authority (IEA) outlines measures to be taken in just the next 3 years in order to avert the climate crisis.

The carbon equation may not be complete, and is likely to change significantly as industry responds to environmental pressures, but there is a great deal that can be achieved with current knowledge and resources. This applies particularly with building fabric where solutions have been tested, proven and meet the needs of the future environment. Right now it is not a question of recycling so much as building to a specification that will last and perform to meet the needs of the next generations.

Fabric First – We have the technology. Let’s use it!

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