What to do in Hot Summers

What to do in Hot Summers

If you are living in an ICF home – even better, a Wallform home – simply draw the blinds/curtains during the day to keep the sun out. Open the windows in the evening/night time to let the cooler air in.

Oh and make plenty of ice to keep the drinks cool, and don’t forget the sunhat!

If you are not living in a ICF (Wallform) home, think about building one for the sake of personal comfort, saving on cooling bills, and doing your bit to reduce the impact of Climate Change. We have the technology!

If you don’t want to move, consider installing external wall insulation to your home, as that will keep the heat at bay (curtains drawn of course) and won’t have any running costs. You should be able to apply for a Green Homes Grant from the Government to reduce the cost of this work.

…and keep making the ice!

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