Warming Up

Warming Up

We are all busy, yet housebuilding figures are falling.

The market demands higher standards, so prefabricated modules are craned in to provide a solution.

Sustainability is a priority for future generations, so we ramp up imports – materials and labour – from around the world.

Trees are recognised as a CO₂ solution, but we burn the rainforest and chop them down as short term housing solutions.

Are you all right out there?

The public at large are starting to take Climate Change quite seriously. Given that 30 – 40% of energy consumption is by buildings, it is unlikely they will put up with “that’ll do” or “it meets the regs” much longer.

It’s time the building sector stood up to show what it can do. While legislation lags way behind the curve, there is a range of simple solutions for improving quality , productivity and performance. Those who have recognised the situation are already improving profits and reputation.

Homeowners want better – why not offer it? Look at the car industry. They are bigger, better and more expensive – and in demand! More performance begs a premium.

To survive, the building industry needs to up its game – quality, productivity and performance.

BecoWallform is a practical option for improvement – using existing resources. Quick, competitive and endorsed by customers, this building system is geared up for future standards with minimal investment.

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