Contractor building with BecoWallform

SystemWallform ComponentsConcreteBuild Rate
Wallform 250£44.00 / sq.m gross wall areac.£12.20 / sq.m / manhour
Wallform 313£48.00 / sq.m gross wall areac.£12.20 / sq.m / manhour
Wallform 375£72.00 / sq.m gross wall areac.£12.20 / sq.m / manhour
Wallform 438£91.00 / sq.m gross wall areac.£12.20 / sq.m / manhour

The BecoWallform components cost includes the standard components for forming corners, lintels and reveals.

The data is based on standard building designs for plain concrete wall construction and assumes concrete is pump grade mix and placed by means of a pump.

The lower rate of construction on the 375 and 438 systems reflects the additional handling associated with the much thicker Wallblocks.

The build rate reflects only the time taken to assemble the formwork and place the concrete by pump, since other coincidental activities and the means of supporting the formwork may vary.

Pricing Your Project

To obtain a free BecoWallform quotation for your project, simply forward a copy of your plans to our estimating department.

Alternatively you can upload your drawings via this website.

To assist us in providing you with a quotation we will need a copy of your floor plans and elevations. Section drawings are also useful if available. Ideally drawings should be drawn to scale in either PDF or AutoCad (DWG and DXF) format. Other formats are acceptable provided the drawings are fully dimensioned.

Quotation turnaround is usually 1-2 weeks, with delivery 2-3 weeks following order.

As well as pricing the BecoWallform components necessary for your project, we will also tell you how much concrete you will need to fill the system, and give you a guide to the number of manhours required to build and concrete the Wallform structure.


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