Contemporary Selfbuild in Lincolnshire

Contemporary Selfbuild in Lincolnshire

This contemporary project demonstrates perfectly how BecoWallform can help simplify the design and building process by reducing the range of construction components required, despite this being a fairly complex design with split level floors and retaining walls!

The new dwelling was largely built by a two-man team using the Wallform system for the first time with on-site support from our technical team.  This again highlights two key benefits of BecoWallform – its ease of adoption by traditionally skilled construction teams, and the reduction in labour requirements that this building method offers.


Having built and concreted the Wallform system from top of foundations to dpc level, a precast beam and block floor system was then installed before the ground floor level walls were erected, as shown above.

A fully formed Wallform Lintel block is placed above each opening.  These Wallblocks are ‘U’ shaped, made to measure for each opening specified.  They also come with spacers moulded inside, into which steel re-bar can be positioned to give the concrete core additional strength.

Supporting the Wallform you can see our propping system, which can be hired from us on a weekly basis.  The big red prop screws are easy to screw into the polystyrene and hold the Wallblocks securely in place.


This selfbuild project combines different thicknesses of Wallform as can be seen below, allowing the Architect to tailor the performance of the building to suit its eventual use.  The step in wallblock size also allows for different thicknesses of cladding to be used together and contributes to making the final building’s appearance that of a highly contemporary, energy efficient home.


Builder: P C Building Services Ltd
Architect: Harris McCormack Architects
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