Beco & BIM – Building Information Modelling

3D isometric of Wallform 313 block with actual icf wallblock insert

The process of converting the construction industry to BIM processes was never going to be easy. We are talking about changing the habits of a construction lifetime after all!

Reviewing the process of BIM however, it does seem that it just coordinates a lot of what is done already. It adds links to slot in up-to-date product and process data, bringing it all together into a more structured package which is current for everyone involved. Instead of separate packages for separate disciplines, the data is held in one central package. This is progressively revised as necessary and then given to the client “as built”, including ongoing service and maintenance data for operation of the building.

Ultimately, that should make life a lot more manageable and efficient. The latest survey data would indicate that even clients are now recognising the benefit of being involved in development of what becomes their own Building Information Model and are more likely to be demanding this in the future.

BecoWallform is now listed in the NBS National BIM Library to aid productivity and give easier access to our data. We will add more information, as we become more familiar with the features of the library, to build up a comprehensive picture of the range of specifications and options for each design project.

Given the environmental challenges of Climate Change, waste and limited-use materials a more coordinated response in construction can only be a good thing – for everyone!

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