LABC Warranty Update

LABC Warranty Update

LABC Warranty has recently updated its guidelines for acceptance of BecoWallform as a modern building system, giving designers increased scope of use allowing for greater flexibility of design.

The structural warranty provider re-examined the BecoWallform system in conjunction with the ICFA, the monitoring authority for ICF construction in the UK.

As a result of this, LABC has increased the overall height allowance for Wallform structures to 18 metres in height (approximately six storeys) subject to the design being justified by the normal structural engineering design process. Taller buildings can also be covered by the LABC Warranty too, although this will be on an individual assessment basis.

Assessment of Basement Construction

The other major development from LABC is their new standardised criteria for assessing Wallform ICF basement construction. The key points of these new criteria all correspond with existing good practice.

This means any designer can now specify the BecoWallform system for a basement and, based on these new guidelines, be sure that the final construction built accordingly will qualify for the LABC warranty without issue.

For more information, visit the LABC website

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